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Channel Pre-installation on 500 Roku 3 Boxes

ROKU Support

A client of mine wants to purchase 500 Roku 3 boxes and have his client's channel pre-installed on them. Is this a sufficient number of boxes for
Roku to consider providing a custom solution to do this? It could be much like the mechanism when you link a box to your account it allows you to add an extra channel?

Thank you for the consideration.
Bruce Wilkinson
Satellite Applications Inc
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Channel Pre-installation on 500 Roku 3 Boxes

Probably not, but send me an email jbraverman AT roku DOT com and I'll pass it on to our sales team. Pre-installation isn't really a possibility unless you create the accounts for your users, in which case you would need their credit card info, which raises a whole pile of legal compliance issues that you probably wouldn't want to get tangled in. Instead, you could include the Vanity code on the devices on a sheet you tape onto the box, which they could enter after they finish setting up their accounts. Also, if you want to limit the channel to run on just those devices, you could use the ESN of the devices which is also on the box as a filter on your servers.

Please include as much information about what you are trying to do, your channel, and who your audience is. If you are a small regional cable company (what we call an MVPD) we might have some options that would be helpful for you.

- Joel
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