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Channel Missing in

We've had this problem for almost a year now and cannot update our channel - I'm not sure who to reach out to to get this resolved. We have a channel - but when we log in, the channel is not in the admin panel. I am definitely using the right account. Last time the fix was to re-sign up as a developer with that account, but now since the layout change for Channel Management that is no longer an option. Please advise, we have a pretty big update coming out and need to be able to update the channel. Thanks.
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Level 11

Re: Channel Missing in

I can see there is indeed a public channel #2320 named "Life.Church" by developer "Life.Church" which is at v2.3, last published on ... 11/2/16 (today)? Perhaps you were helped already by email today? Or is somebody else updating it in competition with you.
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