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Channel Behavior Analysis Failed Every time And getting error in deeplinking

When i publish my app its through error while i am doing Channel Behaviour Analysis .Its through error in channel deeplinking basis and channel content play performance.But deeplinking is working fine while i test in my device and all.Its playing perfectly


Can anyone let me know how to fix and live my channel.Below is the error message

For deeplinking and channel content play perfomance getting same error after analyze

While watching media player events, nothing was found. The active application Appname (dev) shows "SGScreen" as the active element. Suggest looking if not logged in or channel UI has changed.


here is the script
rasp_version: 1
default_keypress_wait: 2
channel_name: App name
channel_id: dev
- launch:
channel_name: App name
content_id: wzoojagfbitrfuxgxgeieloozclzknhgwcmnurnh
media_type: movie
query: contentID="wzoojagfbitrfuxgxgeieloozclzknhgwcmnurnh"&mediatype=movie
- wait_for_player_state: play[getting Warning]
Warning message
This feature available only in standalone application
Command wait_for_player_state playCommand wait_for_player_state: play skipped.
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