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Changing the styling of the Closed Caption Menu

Hello everyone,

I recently submitted a channel to be approved, while the HD version looked great, there were some issues with the SD version. One of them being that the closed caption menu text matches the background of the closed caption menu box. This is keeping my channel from being published and I have been searching the internet and these forms looking for a way to change these settings. So I am hoping someone knows how to change these settings in brightscript, I am using a videoscreen object for my player and not a videoplayer object. ... ./download

I also wanted to add that Roku should consider adding a SD-HD toggle for their Roku 3 box while in developer mode. I can switch between 720p and 1080p but that is it. So developing with the Roku 3 box, at least for me, has made it hard to create the SD mode because I am not able to see what it looks like. I have the gridbob offset at (36,24) which was another problem I had with SD mode because it was being cut off on the bottom, but like I said I can not see it unless the person review my channel for submission takes a screen shot for me.
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Re: Changing the styling of the Closed Caption Menu

You simply need to buy a Roku model that has SD, such as the current Roku 1. It's also good to see how your channel performs on a slower unit than the 3.
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