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Changing Font on dynamically created Global String

I inherited a Roku project where Titles of sections are created in Brightscript via the following line:

 row = [i]createObject[/i]("RoSGNode","VideoNode")

Those titles need to be in a specific font, and I'm not sure how to do that, as I'm not sure what (if any) attributes are available on Title.

I tried changing it this way:
font = createObject("roSGNode", "Font")
font.uri = "pkg:/fonts/font.tff"
row.Title.font = font

but that throws an error.

I also tried 

font = createObject("roSGNode", "Font")
row.Title.font.uri = "pkg:/fonts/font.tff"

to no avail.

because 'row' is a VideoNode, I'm wondering if I should be targeting that, instead of row.Title?

Does anyone know how to change this font, if that is even possible?? 
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