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Cannot "Manage My Channels => Properties"

To Reproduce:
- go to and click "account'
- login with correct credentials
- hover over the circle "user" icon and click "Developer" on the popup menu
- click "Dashboard"
- click "Manage My channels"
- We have a channel where we have not uploaded a package yet - click "Preview and Update" next to it
- in the menu bar, click "Preview and Publish" to produce another menu, click "Properties"

Observed result:
- Menu closes and there is no page navigation
- js console reports an error "`` 400, page.js:300"

Expected result:
I should be able to see the properties of the channel and edit them.

Other information:
- we develop Roku channels for several clients and have access to multiple logins to Roku developer dashboards.  This error is reproducible across multiple sign-ins.
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Re: Cannot "Manage My Channels => Properties"

For all who read this again... as of October 1, 2018, this seems to be fixed.
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