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Can't find roku on local network with C# code

I'm trying to learn how to use some of the Roku ECP by coding a web app version of the roku remote. I want to find the roku through a network call/listener, but my code isn't working. Using wireshark I can see my call leave my machine, but there is no response from the roku except for the standard 'i am here' broadcast it makes every 20 minutes or so. Since the roku isn't responding to my call, I assume I've done that part of the code incorrectly. I'm not sure about the listener section of my code either. If anyone has any idea what I've done wrong, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. The way I've structured the methods, the HearRoku method initiates the CallRoku method

Thanks in advance

public class FindRoku
private static void CallRoku()
// configure sending socket
Socket sending_socket = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Dgram, ProtocolType.Udp);
// set ssdp address and port
IPAddress receivingAddress = IPAddress.Parse("");
IPEndPoint receivingEndpoint = new IPEndPoint(receivingAddress, 1900);

// write the request message
var request = new StringBuilder();
request.AppendLine("M-SEARCH * HTTP/1.1");
request.AppendLine("MAN: \"ssdp:discover\"");
request.AppendLine("ST: roku:ecp");
string textToSend = request.ToString();

// encode the request into bytes
byte[] send_buffer = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(textToSend);

// send call
sending_socket.SendTo(send_buffer, receivingEndpoint);

public static IPAddress HearRoku()

IPAddress rokuIP = null;
int listenPort = 60000;

UdpClient listener = new UdpClient(listenPort);
IPEndPoint listenerEP = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, listenPort);
string receivedData;
byte[] receiveByteArray;

receiveByteArray = listener.Receive(ref listenerEP);
receivedData = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(receiveByteArray, 0, receiveByteArray.Length);

//Need to add code to parse the receivedData to get the roku IPaddress. But untill I know the format I can't do it just yet.
return rokuIP;
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Re: Can't find roku on local network with C# code

I don't know C# at all so I won't be much help. But I can tell you that I was able to get my app working with Java based on this example. ... -with-java

Hope that helps some.
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Re: Can't find roku on local network with C# code

You are broadcasting to, why?
That's not what RTFM said.
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Re: Can't find roku on local network with C# code

I know you said this was a learning exercise, but you should be aware that even if you do get it working, it'll only work if your IIS server is running on the same network as your Roku, which severely limits its usability.
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