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Re: Can't Find My Roku Channel

"EnTerr" wrote:
"renojim" wrote:
...but then again I always thought calling them channels was pretty stupid as well. :roll:

I'll break rank on the use of "channels" - it's rather clever way of referring to apps, given on Roku they'd be mostly about video and everyone understanding what a TV channel is. There are some things RokuCo have done well and should be commended for - the use of "channel" is one of them.

Perhaps stupid was the wrong term. In fact, the case could be made that it's marketing genius. However, you'd have to admit it's intentionally misleading. A little while back one of the local stations referred to their web site as their web channel. Thankfully no ISP picked up on that. I can just see the ad: Get our Internet service and have access to over 10 billion channels! Smiley LOL

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Roku Guru

Re: Can't Find My Roku Channel

"BadgerBoy" wrote:
There is no such specific setting. If there were, most likely it would be on this page (replace 99999 with the specific number of your channel). ...

When I do this, and replace the 99999 with my vanity code, and plug in my vanity code in the field that calls for it, it tells me that that vanity code is no longer available, although I believe I've gone through this page before.

Not the vanity or access code! The channel number, that's completely different. Channels are identified internally by a number at the backend, whereas the add-codes are shortcuts to them. I guess you can think of channel# as inodes (if you are unix person) and the access codes as file names linking to said inode. You can find the channel# from the browser URL when editing channel's properties...

Never mind, better ignore my previous instructions on *how* to get there - just go in dev.panel to your channel and click through the 6 or 7 different pages. My bad for the confusion - I was trying to make it easy by giving almost-ready URL, turns out instead i bit my foot.
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Re: Can't Find My Roku Channel

Thanks again for your reply!

My channel showed up, but now I'm having audio issues. I used to make my channel.

When I play each of the 10 videos in my channel, they each play just fine. But the audio has a kind of strobing or clipping effect. Not sure where it's coming from since it's not in the files that I'm linking to.
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Re: Can't Find My Roku Channel

You should really contact InstantTV Channel support. They've always been very good about helping me with technical issues with my channel. Their contact information is available on their site.
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