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Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

I keep getting these errors:
Syntax Error. (compile error &h02) in pkg:/source/Searchscreen.brs(224)
Syntax Error. (compile error &h02) in pkg:/source/Searchscreen.brs(225)
Syntax Error. (compile error &h02) in pkg:/source/Searchscreen.brs(226)
Syntax Error. (compile error &h02) in pkg:/source/Searchscreen.brs(227)
Syntax Error. (compile error &h02) in pkg:/source/Searchscreen.brs(228)
Line 224 is the "if IsHD() then" statement.
init_show_feed_item() creates the associative array and StremQualities is an roarray inside of the associative array just like the videoplayer example.
IsHD() returns a Boolean.
Function IsHD()
di = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
if di.GetDisplayType() = "HDTV" then return true
return false
End Function

Function searchfeedparse(xml As Object, feed As Object) As Object

showCount = 0
showList = xml.GetChildElements()

for each curShow in showList

'for now, don't process meta info about the feed size
if curShow.GetName() = "resultLength" or curShow.GetName() = "endIndex" then
goto skipitem

item = init_show_feed_item()

'fetch all values from the xml for the current show
item.hdImg = validstr(curShow.HDImage.GetText())
item.sdImg = validstr(curShow.SDImage.GetText())
item.ContentId = validstr(curShow.ID.GetText())
item.Title = validstr(curShow.Title.GetText())
item.Description = validstr(curShow.Description.GetText())
item.Category = validstr(curShow.Category.GetText())
item.ContentType = validstr(curShow.Type.GetText())
item.ContentQuality = validstr(curShow.ContentQuality.GetText())
item.Synopsis = validstr(curShow.Description.GetText())
item.Genre = validstr(curShow.genres.GetText())
item.Meta = validstr(curShow.Meta.GetText())
item.Runtime = validstr(curShow.Length.GetText())
item.ImageCount = strtoi(validstr(curShow.ImageCount.GetText()))
item.Date = validstr(curShow.Date.GetText())
item.Url = validstr(curShow.Url.GetText())
item.HDBifUrl = validstr(curShow.hdBifUrl.GetText())
item.SDBifUrl = validstr(curShow.sdBifUrl.GetText())
item.StreamFormat = validstr(curShow.Format.GetText())
'will set streamqualities automatically later

    if IsHD() then
end if

if item.StreamFormat = "" then 'set default streamFormat to mp4 if doesn't exist in xml
item.StreamFormat = "mp4"

if item.StreamFromat = "text" then
item.Url = item.streamUrls
print "skip"

'map xml attributes into screen specific variables
item.ShortDescriptionLine1 = item.Title
item.ShortDescriptionLine2 = item.Description
item.HDPosterUrl = item.hdImg
item.SDPosterUrl = item.sdImg

item.Length = strtoi(item.Runtime)
'item.Categories = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
'item.Actors = CreateObject("roArray", 5, true)
item.Description = item.Synopsis

'Set Default screen values for items not in feed
item.HDBranded = false
item.IsHD = false
'item.StarRating = "0"
if item.ContentType = "" then
item.ContentType = "episode"

showCount = showCount + 1



return feed

End Function

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Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

Maybe it's a typo in the previous line StrealUrl
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Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

No, I'm pulling StrealUrl from a database and it's mispelled in the database. So it has to be spelled that way to work.
I don't have access to database to change it, that's why I've just worked around it.
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Roku Guru

Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

Have you tried testing with different stuff, like

        if IsHD() then
? "Roku is HD"
? "Roku is SD"
end if

What happens in the console if you simply type
? "IsHD() result " IsHD()

Maybe try adding "AS BOOLEAN" after "FUNCTION IsHD()"
Maybe Brightscript doesn't like "END IF" after a "THEN" and would only prefer "ENDIF"
Also, you might try declaring item.StreamQualities = [] beforehand. When I try similar code without doing that, I get an error "Interface not a member of BrightScript Component"
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Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

I already have StremQualities set to an empty roarray tat's why I'm using the push().
I can use the" if then end if" in other parts of the code and it doesn't seem to matter whether its "end if" or "endif".
And the IsHD() works at other parts of the code just fine. I've been using it for months.
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Roku Guru

Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

What about the test with the printouts, did that work? I think I'm out of ideas. I would try to narrow it down with different tests, very often the syntax line error is really due to some other line, sometimes far away even. Could be some other IF THEN END combo much earlier that didn't add up right. Or it's something to do with the item.StreamQualities.Push("HD/SD"), so you want to try to rule that out by testing substitutes, etc. At least that's how I approach strange errors.
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Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

I've looked through the entire package and all the "if then endif " combos add up. I can try the printouts, but it just doesn't make sense because if I take out lines 224- 228 the (the if then endif block) it works just fine...which should mean I'm doing something wrong right? But I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...
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Roku Guru

Re: Can someone explain why this doesn't work?

Where's your End If ? Maybe it's in your code but it's not in the original post.
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