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Can I stream my own local HD Channel. Multi Room Bluray\SKY


I have Roku's on all my TV's at home and wondered if this is possible.

If I have 5x Roku around the house all hard wired and 1x BluRay player\ SKy Box linked to a PC which streams out, can I create a Bluray \ SKY channel which receives a HD quality stream from my PC which is outputting my Blu ray \ Sky.

So in a sense I could watch my BluRay player \ SKY on 5 tvs all in HD at the same time. I am trying to create a multi room system using Roku's
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Re: Can I stream my own local HD Channel. Multi Room Bluray\

You would need to convert the source content to a compatible format. Or use Plex or another channel to do what you want to do. Roku doesn't support the original encrypted format on Bluray or DVD.
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