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CallerID Notices

I have written my own Caller-ID service app for FireTV with some simple java code.
The Caller ID info is passed to the FireTV service across an TCP/IP connection from a YAC like program that I wrote that interfaces with a landline modem.
My FireTV app uses Android’s Notification Manager API to display the information as a notice on top of any running FireTV app.
It gets started at boot time using BroadcastRecevier intent.ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED.
It stays running by using a Service.START_STICKY flag
So I am looking for a way to do this with Roku…
   Start automatically at boot time and run in the background as a daemon
   Listen on a TCP/IP port for data to be pushed to it.
   Provide a pop-up to display a notice at any time regardless of what (if any) channel app is running.
Is this possible on Roku?  I have zero experience or knowledge of Brightscipt language or interfaces.
Given the sandbox nature of Roku, I’m a little pessimistic that this can be done.
I’ve read posts as far back as 2010 where folks have requested a core notification capability using a simple URL request or UDP packet.  That would work.
Can anybody point me in the right direction?
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Re: CallerID Notices

Not possible.
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