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Build a channel, for live streaming and PPV events, some questions

I'm building a channel (I guess you could say the old fashioned way, not using direct publisher). My hope and plan is that this will be a pay per view channel, however I've got some questions I haven't quite found in the documentation.

So far I've got a grid with my streams working (these are previous streams) I'll be adding payment, etc soon.

I've included my video as "movies" in my feed json, is this correct. I did find a previous post from 2017 that said it was identified as a potential issue but nothing that I've seen on updates? Any reason to not make it a series, etc?

We will be doing live event streaming, think live sports. Is it safe to add an event to my stream ahead of time? For instance, say an event will "go live" on Aug 29th at 6PM. If I added that event today, even though the stream URL is dead until we start, is that "okay"? We won't be live 24/7 like I've seen in previous questions. Is there a way to indicate that the stream is live, or a way to show the user that the stream will be live on X date? We mostly want to do this so visitors can see that there are events coming up, so it's kind of important.

I've like to use a larger portion of the grid screen to "advertise" future events. How long does certification usually take, is it common to be updating a channel like that? I guess I could host an image and the text on my serve instead and have it loaded there, but is that "okay"?

Along those same lines, is the json feed loaded each time a player opens the channel or is it cached at all?
Curious because sending updates to the channel could get a little troublesome if it were cached anywhere.

I'm sure I'm missing something here but that's all I've got for now.


Re: Build a channel, for live streaming and PPV events, some questions

I don’t know the answer, but I’m trying to do the same thing. I look forward to responses from the community

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