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BrightScript Profiler on Roku stick


I'm trying to enable the bs profiler in a very simple app on my roku stick 3500EU.

I've added:


in the manifest.

Being under software 8.1.0, i side load my app, run the app and browse a little while before exiting it.

then on my mac i open my browser on the roku url, and use utilities page to click on "Profiling Data".

But i get the message "No profiling data available".

Is my roku model not compatible with profiling, or am i doing something wrong here ?
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Level 10

Re: BrightScript Profiler on Roku stick

If you are still working on this issue for your Roku Stick, the profiler should work.
You need these required entries in your manifest now or it won't actually be enabled -

The bsprof_enable_mem=1 is optional, but include it if you want it.
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