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Automatic Switch from VOD to Live on Schedule

I have a Roku app that I built for our church based on the "videoplayer" example project (the TED talks one). Currently the App has Live Video (powered by Wowza) and VOD via RSS. I would like to have VOD in one area with a Play All button that will play through an RSS feed of videos till the end then loop back to the start. Then on a schedule it will automatically switch to the Live Video 10 minutes before the service would begin, play until the live video stops, then switch back to playing all the videos in VOD. Is there a way to automate that kind of thing?

I've seen that the MRSS app has a Play All button, so I'll look into that, but I don't believe it will loop back to the start. I'm not very fluent in Bright Script, but I know XML, HTML and all that pretty well.
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