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Level 7

Audio node prebuffer for playlist

I want to implement an endless musical playlist, with no silence gaps between audio tracks due to prebuffering.

I've tried setting control="prebuffer" on the audio node of the next track while the current track is playing, but doing so fails with errorCode=0 and errorMsg="failed to create media player". Because of that, when it's time to start the next track, it needs time to buffer, which leaves the unwanted silence gap.

I've also tried using the contentIsPlaylist feature of the audio node, which seems to correctly prebuffer the next track while the current track is playing. But when I add new tracks to the audio.content playlist, the node fails with errorCode=-3 and errorMsg="An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected".

Is there a way to implement a dynamic playlist with no silence gaps between tracks?

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Level 7

Re: Audio node prebuffer for playlist

Interesting. I stumbled upon roAudioPlayer, which has the AddContent method for adding tracks to the current playlist. I tried to integrate it inside my app until I found out it just wouldn't work inside a SceneGraph application. Which left me wondering: what's the use of roAudioPlayer now?

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