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Level 7

Audio dropouts when remote buttons clicked -- Suspected v3.0

I'm working on an audio app which streams data from a subsonic server. Recently we noticed that the audio drops out for .5 sec or so whenever a remote button is pressed. This problem occurred about the same time v3.0 was installed. But since that upgrade was done automatically, I can't say exactly when it occurred. We're looking for possible regressions in our code, but I'm fairly sure this was caused by the upgrade to v3.0. I'm running audio directly to the TV, so this is not the Onkyo receiver problem. I'm using roku model 2050X with Software version 3.0 build 2227.
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Level 21

Re: Audio dropouts when remote buttons clicked -- Suspected

It's a known problem and seems to have been caused by build 2227.

Level 8

Re: Audio dropouts when remote buttons clicked -- Suspected

Problem goes away if you turn off the Roku system sound effects.

PS: SubsonicTV, the original Subsonic Client for Roku, accept no Substitutes!

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- Joel
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