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Binge Watcher

Attn: Sppeedtest Developer.

I have been using this wonderful app for quite sometime, with one small flaw, which needs to be addressed.
As of now, the App automatically selects the closest distance to measure the speed.

Server A: Distance 5 Miles from my house. Latency 24.2ms
Server B: distance 7 Miles. latency 11.2ms.

I would like to recommend to design the test and select the fastest server based on latency time (which is far more important) then sheer distance.

Unfortunately, it became habit for me to go to this App run the test, select Server B, then go to using the Roku.
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Re: Attn: Sppeedtest Developer.

It doesn't really automatically select anything; it just lists the closest servers sorted by distance (plus Chicago). It's still up to the user to select which server to use. While I can see your point about selecting the server with the lowest latency, I've seen the latency vary wildly. I usually run the test on multiple servers. When I had AT&T DSL, the two closest servers to me produced the worst results. Now that I have cable Internet, they produce the best. I can't explain that other than one of the servers is owned by my new cable ISP and they could possibly be intentionally mucking with the test if they detect a DSL customer. I didn't create the app to be some kind of end-all be-all test for the quality of your connection. It's really just a quick way to check if there's some problem, especially problems with wireless connections. I'd rely on a test performed on a computer over a test performed on a Roku, not to mention I think there's more meaning to a test done to a server located at some distance away. Whatever you're trying to stream is not likely to be located next door. I could test the latency of the 5 or so closest servers and then sort the list that way, but it wouldn't add any value to me. It might be interesting to see the results, but it would also slow me down the way I use the app.

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