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AppleTV releases SDK for TVOS

Well now that Apple TV is getting into the Smart TC app business and has a much better SDK than ROKU has. Maybe just maybe Roku will let us have access to some of the functions that are included in the ROKU NDK. So we can develop apps and games that can compete with Apple TV?
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Re: AppleTV releases SDK for TVOS

See also viewtopic.php?f=34&t=88707

Over the last year, that game sheet got real. AndroidTV (incl. FireTV) and tvOS have the "unfair" advantage that games can practically be shoveled from the massive Android and iOS phone markets. It's not likely Roku will open wholesale their NDK libraries but if you have successful games you want to port to "rOS", i think they will be very receptive - talk to them. OTOH, if it's just pie-in-the-sky idea... it will be an uphill struggle, not only because of SDK.
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