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Reel Rookie

App crash in RAF on deep-link through roInput

Hi RokuNB

Application crashes when i try to deep link to the channel using roInput when the RAF is playing.
Please find the logs:

BrightScript Micro Debugger.
Enter any BrightScript statement, debug commands, or HELP.
Suspending threads...
Thread selected:  1*   ...s_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(4607)  ??
Current Function:
4599:  ??
4600:  ??
4601:  ??
4602:  ??
4603:  ??
4604:  ??
4605:  ??
4606:  ??
4607:* ??
4608:  ??
4609:  ??
4610:  ??
Type Mismatch. (runtime error &h18) in roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(4607)
4607: ??
#5  Function roku_ads_handle_roinputmsg(msg_ As Dynamic, roinput_ As Dynamic) As Void
   file/line: roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(4607)
#4  Function roku_ads_showvideoad(ad_ As Object, adcontext_ As Object, canvas_ As Object, player_ As Object) As Object
   file/line: roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(1415)
#3  Function $roku_ads_videoadrenderer_30737() As Void
   file/line: roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(1636)
#2  Function $roku_ads_getdefaultadrenderer_30742() As Void
   file/line: roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(1834)
#1  Function roku_ads_showads(adstructure_ As Object, ctx_ As Dynamic, view_ As Object) As Boolean
   file/line: roku_ads_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(3875)
#0  Function playcontentwithads() As Void
   file/line: pkg:/components/PlayerTask.brs(60)
Local Variables:
No variable info.
ID    Location                                Source Code
 0    pkg:/source/main.brs(18)                msg = wait(0, port)
 1*   ...s_lib:/libsource/Roku_Ads.brs(4607)  ??
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Roku Guru

Re: App crash in RAF on deep-link through roInput

thank you, archanagwda -
this was fixed in RAF 2.10.23 (deployed couple of weeks ago)
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