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Reel Rookie

App Edges Cut Off on HD Size 1

Hi, I'm almost done developing a Roku app and just found that on a TV that my coworker has, the four edges of the app are cut off (as if the app size expanded). He found that it is the Aspect Ratio settings that affects it. If he changes the HD Size to 2, the app looks normal. But the default is set to HD Size 1 and that's when the app is expanded. However, he tried the different settings for other apps on Roku like Pluto and Youtube and Netflix, and they look normal on both settings. I read through some documentation on Roku manifest and other forums and couldn't find why our app cannot deal with this issue like other apps. Our app uses ui_resolution=fhd. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance.

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Roku Guru

Re: App Edges Cut Off on HD Size 1

Sounds like good 'ol overscan (which I despise). Those other apps are getting cut off too, they just planned ahead and had some empty space around the edge or something like that.