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Re: Another Home Media Channel

Uploaded the tables source and modified the web page section for setting up the mac.

It would be nice if any users would pop me an email about their problems so I might be able to resolve them. Please include your Roku serial number so I can associate you and your box.
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Re: Another Home Media Channel

Thanks, greubel, for updating the Mac setup page and posting the source code for tables. I compiled tables for PowerPC and will email it to you. Chaneru is running now, so I can give some feedback. First the setup instructions:

(I hope these don't seem too nit-picky - I'm trying to look at this from the perspective of the average Roku user.)
1. For clarity, you could specify "Abyss Web Server X1 (free)" in step one. I went to the Aprelium site, saw the "buy" link and was almost scared away by the $59.95 price tag. I didn't immediately realize Abyss Web Server X2 was a different product.

2. In the section on creating symbolic links to media, the command for changing to the htdocs/Roku directory doesn't work if it's copied as-is from the instructions and pasted into the command line (or dragged and dropped from the browser). Terminal didn't recognize the "curly" quotes, so I had to change them to generic quotes, like in the ln commands below. (I presume at some point you will have a Mac setup assistant to make this step simpler.)

3. In running tables, when it says "press any key to continue," it didn't really work for me to press any key - only 'return' or 'enter'. (Well, I didn't try every key!)

4. Does "Roku_Config.txt" exist only if you create it? I expected tables to create the initial config file for the Roku folder.

Now to running Chaneru (I only tested for a couple of minutes):

1. I'm not sure how "scan for servers" should work. I changed the IP address to my server, then chose "check IP address" and that worked.

2. The parsing of the iTunes library is great. It's a little weird that podcast feeds show up in the top-level list individually, instead of (or in addition to?) being in a Podcasts directory.

3. Mp3's play fine. Is there a way to hide unsupported file types, like AAC?

4. I could see my iPhoto events, but no images.

That's all I've tried so far. Hope this helps.
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Re: Another Home Media Channel

Updated the web site for PowerPC
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