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Re: An approval process for *private* channels?

"CacheFreeTV" wrote:
Actually, I'm beginning to wonder if there is an approval process for *PUBLIC* channels, considering some of the stuff that is becoming available in the channel store. On the rest of the internet, we'd call them "spam", but on Roku, no.
Eh, 90% of everything is crud. As the platform grows, it's bound to happen. For comparison, the iOS app store is filled with how many junk apps? Roku just needs to get focused on helping expose the good stuff. - A free web app for Roku Remote Control!
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: An approval process for *private* channels?

One persons crud is another's hot fudge sundae...

Most of the recently released channels we've published, with maybe a few exceptions have pretty good graphic design and well encoded content. Some of the religious channels have what I would consider *outstanding* graphic design. (I guess that's who is still hiring all the great artists these days, as it has been for thousands of years so it continues)

Some of what we recently published has outstanding general interest content - for example, Jonathan Birds Big Blue world, for example - truly stunning HD undersea footage.

UCTV has some great lectures on science, politics and social issues, MIT Open Courseware has some really fascinating courses on Robotics, Engineering, Mathematics and much more. (although the video resolution is fairly low-fidelity, the camera usually zooms in on the blackboard so you can read what is on it.). We've got some great musical-comedy channels like Kosher Metal and Metal Injection, and an incredible Multi-lingual education program, Innovative language that was release a few weeks ago. Hola NY streams great Latin music 24/7 and we probably are getting close to having a representative channel for almost every sub sect of every religion on earth.

"Surfacing" the higher quality channels and allowing some kind of filtering mechanism is something we are working on right now.

- Joel
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Re: An approval process for *private* channels?

If all you are wanting to do is stream from home to a remote location, then check out Plex.

There are several Roku private channels developed for this, my favorite is installed with the code plexgrid

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