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Amazon VOD Bit rate switching

I was watching Iron man2 on Saturday and one and half hours into the movie, video player just paused and none of the keys on my remote wouldn't work to stop the movie, rewind, forward, exit the player etc.
I tried few times and had to reboot the roku box to have the movie play again. One thing i noticed is when the movie played again, the quality was low ( one dot on the player)

I was trying to understand what exactly happened, it could be my internet connection slowed and while switching to lower quality video, the player hung?
anybody else experienced this problem before with any of your apps, Amazon VOD ? I am thinking the transition from higher quality to lower quality should be seamless.

btw, on my LG blue ray player, I see a message displayed (netflix app) when my connection gets slower, havent enabled netflix on my roku yet so dont know how it is handling slowing connections.
just wondering if there is something similar out there on Roku in regards to messaging to the user, also on how to do handle this at the app level.

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