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Amazon S3 best option

I have my Amazon S3 account set up with one test video uploaded

I have not figured out how to get the video to stream, but I am
wondering what is the best option when using Amazon?
I am going to have a Guitar Instruction Pay Channel which will host
30 to 50 videos which are roughly 10 minute in length and around 150

I see a lot of options and I want to stay as cheap as possible,
I am just trying to get the video to stream to Roku without
a download waiting time. I have been working on getting the stream right for
about three weeks now and if I can ever get this right I will be doing the
resurrection shuffle for days.......

Trying to get acclimated here, which is basically knowing what part of
the Amazon Cloud interface I don't need to bother with.
There seems to be a lot of different options/plans here?
Do I just need S3 with CDN?
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Level 10

Re: Amazon S3 best option

I think the recommendation is basic S3 for the file storage and then CloudFront for the actual delivery (which uses your S3 "bucket" as the source)
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