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After setting video.control=prebuffer, stuck in buffering state with bufferingStatus.percentage=99

I have been noticing an issue when seeking in a Video node. I use the approach recommended in the video node documentation:


Set the content node field playStart in seek-to-pause scenarios.
In the video node, set "control" to "prebuffer".
Wait for "prebufferDone" to become "true".
Check "actualStart" (if desired).
Set "control" to "play".



This used to work fine, but lately what tends to happen is the 'prebufferDone' never gets set. The bufferingStatus.percentage just sits at 99. As a workaround, I've just been setting control=play when the percentage hits 99, but I'd like to figure out the issue so that it works the "right" way.

It seems to be somewhat related to the download speed. If I serve the video at top speed from a server on the same local network, it almost never happens. If I insert about 2ms delays between sending each 4KB chunk on the server, I consistently see the problem.

Any ideas? The media I've been testing with is MKV, around 1GB, 20 minutes duration, H264 video and EAC3 audio. I'm seeing it on a Roku Premiere+ and a Hisense Roku TV, both running Roku 11.5.