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Binge Watcher

Advice on how to build a screensaver settings screen

I have build a screensaver and would like to add a settings screen for it. I implemented the RunScreenSaverSettings function in my main and create/display a brand new scene. All this works great.


Where I am struggling is how to build such a screen. I basically have a few settings, each with a few values... something like:


Clock format: off / 12h / 24h

Display Background Image: on / off


It looks like the Settings model of the Roku device which has list of settings with arrows left/right to navigate seems to be a good model (that obviously users would be familiar with). That being said, I am very unclear how to implement such an interface. Is there an example code somewhere on how to implement it? Or can somebody explain the various complements used?


Thank you

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Binge Watcher

Re: Advice on how to build a screensaver settings screen

After much digging, I think I can answer my own question. It looks like the OverhangPanelSetScene component is the way to go. In the github Roku samples project, I did find an example of something that would show what I wanted to implement.

There is a deployable app/zip file ( in the "lists and grids" folder which demonstrates how to implement the Roku main interface with sliding panels.

It's a good demo including source code on how to do it (I am glad that there is an example, because although in the end it is not a lot of code, there are a lot of moving pieces to make it "work").

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Reel Rookie

Re: Advice on how to build a screensaver settings screen

@fry19 - any chance you'd be willing to share the scene & code for your settings screen?

I know how to use the registry to get/set data, but I'd love to get a simple settings screen working without reinventing the wheel 🙂 I'm nealrs at gmail

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