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Advertising - Where are the examples?

Hey Guys, just finished hacking together my channel. Wow was that tedious!

So now I have a working channel and tons of content and need to put ads on it. Searching through Google and the Roku forums has turned up NOTHING in the way of a 1-2-3 step process for how to do this.

I am using the VideoPLayer example project as a base for my channel.

So what is the SIMPLEST way to ad advertising to my VideoPlayer based application? I have a DoubleClick account.

Oh, and if there is an option for Roku to just stick ads on our videos and monetize it like YouTube, that would be my much preferred method. How does that work? Is this program up and running yet? If it is, do I need to code anything or is just something you guys do behind the scenes?

I am sure hundreds of app developers would love to see you clear up these questions once and for all!
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Level 9

Re: Advertising - Where are the examples?

There seems to be quite a lot of documentation out there:

- Roku SDK Documentation: Roku Advertising Framework (contains two sample channels)
- Roku Developer Blog: Getting Started with the Roku Ad Framework
- Roku Forums: Enabling Your Channel for Video Ads
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Level 7

Re: Advertising - Where are the examples?

Thanks for the links. Question - is there just one example video channel project that contains the ad code? Would be so much easier to copy and paste rather than parse through the code and learn it from scratch.

Also, is there any code needed to use Roku's ads or if we join up for their ad program, do they just insert the ads automatically?
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