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Advertising POC

I am wanting to find out more about advertising in a channel and more importantly, detecting through events when an ad is playing or content. I looked through the documentation and have been unlucky in my ventures. For example, the channel "Crackle" will show you a program and then flip between advertising and content. Is there a way to detect this through the SDK? TIA!
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Advertising POC

For most channels, it works the other way around. The BrightScript doesn't have to detect when an ad plays because the BrightScript is causing the ad to play. Details about when to inject ads and how many usually come from whatever content API you're working with.

There are also channels that have ads baked into the content stream itself. In that case, there is usually an API call that tells the channel where the ads are in the content so it can do things like disable trickplay while an ad is playing. There are no BrightScript events raised specific to ads.
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