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Add to Register

I'm making a User Favorites sub for a slideshow. It should be persistant. There is no append to the registry though, each value replaces the former. I have something like this:
If sec.Exists = false
write x32 (32 is ID of image x is replaced by PHP in the DB creating the RSS feed)
if sec Exists = true
write ,x32 (comma also replaced by PHP later)

This all working fine, but what is the strategy for multiple values that survive across restarts? I see you can append with writefile to tmp/ . Is it startup-readfile from reg, write to tmp- append to tmp- write entire file to reg on close?

my file would look like this
x32,x15,x5,x205,x7 etc.

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Re: Add to Register

It's not completely clear to me what you're asking. It would be clearer if you posted real code rather than pseudocode (I don't really understand what "write x32" means.) I'm guessing that you want a way to append to a registry entry. To do that you'd read the entry into a string, append to the string, then write the entry back to the registry.

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Re: Add to Register

Thank You Mark - I think you answered my question, you guessed correctly - I have a key value that is an ID number(s), I need to append the ID of each slide each time a user selects "Save To User Gallery". I am creating a string that gets appended to a URL as a GET request. I'll give it a try, what you describe is much simpler than what I imagined i needed to do.
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