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Acudeo Ads attachment Problem

Here is my appHomescreen.brs code.On the top side another function name showHomescreen() so it 's my point there
i add playAd() Acudeo ads function show at the appvideoscreen.brs but there i have problem with to handle loop my mean when i play channel my add started and then my channel start after commercial but when i press back bottom so again popup commercial. Please help

Best regrades

'** Perform any startup/initialization stuff prior to
'** initially showing the screen.
Function preShowHomeScreen(breadA=invalid, breadB=invalid) As Object

if validateParam(breadA, "roString", "preShowHomeScreen", true) = false return -1
if validateParam(breadA, "roString", "preShowHomeScreen", true) = false return -1

screen = CreateObject("roPosterScreen")
'if breadA<>invalid and breadB<>invalid then
' screen.SetBreadcrumbText(breadA, breadB)
' end if
return screen

End Function

'** Display the home screen and wait for events from
'** the screen. The screen will show retreiving while
'** we fetch and parse the feeds for the game posters
Function showHomeScreen(screen as object ) As Integer

if validateParam(screen, "roPosterScreen", "showHomeScreen") = false return -1

m.curCategory = 0

while true
msg = wait(0, screen.GetMessagePort())

if type(msg) = "roPosterScreenEvent" then
print "showHomeScreen | msg = "; msg.GetMessage() " | index = "; msg.GetIndex()
if msg.isListFocused() then
m.curCategory = msg.GetIndex()
m.curShow = 0
screen.SetContentList(getShowsForCategoryItem(m.Categories, m.curCategory))
print "list focused | current category = "; m.curCategory
else if msg.isListItemSelected() then


m.curShow = msg.GetIndex()
print "list item selected | current show = "; m.curShow
'm.curShow = displayShowDetailScreen(category, m.curShow)

showList = getShowsForCategoryItem(m.Categories, m.curShow)
'print "showList: ";showList[0]
print "list item updated | new show = "; m.curShow
[color=#FF0000] showVideoScreen(showList[0])[/color]
' print "m.Categories feed: ";[m.curShow].kids[0].feed

'if kid.type = "special_category" then

end if

else if msg.isScreenClosed() then
return 0
end if
'end If
end while

return 0

End Function

'** When a poster on the home screen is selected, we call
'** this function passing an associative array with the
'** data for the selected show. This data should be
'** sufficient for the show detail (springboard) to display
'Function displayCategoryPosterScreen(category As Object) As Dynamic

'if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "displayCategoryPosterScreen") = false return -1
'screen = preShowDetailScreen(category.Title, "")
'showDetailScreen(screen, showList, showIndex)
'return 0
'End Function
Function displayShowDetailScreen(category as Object, showIndex as Integer) As Integer

if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "displayShowDetailScreen") = false return -1

shows = getShowsForCategoryItem(category, m.curCategory)
screen = preShowDetailScreen(category.Title,[m.curCategory].Title)
showIndex = showDetailScreen(screen, shows, showIndex)

return showIndex
End Function
'** Special categories can be used to have categories that
'** don't correspond to the content hierarchy, but are
'** managed from the server by data from the feed. In these
'** cases we might show a different type of screen other
'** than a poster screen of content. For example, a special
'** category could be search, music, options or similar.
Function displaySpecialCategoryScreen() As Dynamic

' do nothing, this is intended to just show how
' you might add a special category ionto the feed

return 0
End Function

'** initialize the category tree. We fetch a category list
'** from the server, parse it into a hierarchy of nodes and
'** then use this to build the home screen and pass to child
'** screen in the heirarchy. Each node terminates at a list
'** of content for the sub-category describing individual videos
Function initCategoryList() As Void

conn = InitCategoryFeedConnection()

m.Categories = conn.LoadCategoryFeed(conn)
m.CategoryNames = conn.GetCategoryNames(m.Categories)

End Function
Function getShowsForCategoryItem(category As Object, item As Integer) As Object

if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "getCategoryList") = false return invalid

conn = InitShowFeedConnection([item])
'print "Connection: ";conn
showList = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
return showList

End Function

'Function getShowsForCategoryItem(category As Object, item As Integer) As Object

'if validateParam(category, "roAssociativeArray", "getCategoryList") = false return invalid

'conn = InitShowFeedConnection([item])
'showList = conn.LoadShowFeed(conn)
'return showList

'End Function
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