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Access ItemComponent from Parent Scene

Hello all,

I was curious if there was a way to access a field on an itemComponent from the BrightScript file which deals with the RowList itself. 

What I'm trying to accomplish:

Horizontal list of words with a rectangle cursor beneath whichever you are focused on.
As you move right and left the color of the text changes and the rectangle hides on the previous item and shows on the new item.
This is the normal functionality.
Via the Parent Scene I am trying to enable clicking down to focus on the currently open tab, while keeping the currently open Menu itemComponent Text in the active color.
The user can click down from an option that is not currently open, it should go back to highlighting the text of the Menu itemComponent that is currently open, but instead it leaves the text of the last item focused when clicking down and leaves the currently open Menu itemComponent text in the inactive color.

If you need me to clarify anything just ask, thank you!!
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