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AWS CloudFront from Sydney S3 HLS to NYC (Buggy)

Hi All

Before my client commits to 10TD plus per month with AWS's CDN CloudFront I wanted to test it more. It seemed to work OK with media stored in S3 in the USA to USA data centers. What I did was store some HLS media in an S3 bucket in Sydney and did a global distribution from there. The results were not impressive.

As best as I can tell the AWS data center for me is Newark, NJ (Edge Location) and I can almost see Newark from some apartments in NYC. My FIOS DL speed is 60 Mbs and I tested both on the weekend and during the day with the same result. I also tested with my Time Warner connection same results.

The HLS redition starts at 1 Mbs and ramps to 2 Mbs with a glimpes of the 4 amd 6 Mbs versions then back to 2 and the 1 Mbs versions. Not the behavior one would expect from a nearby cache. The signal even drops out all together sometimes. I did it several times thinking the Edge needed to cache but same result each time. It is possible that the only .ts files that are being cached are the ones that are played which would make HLS by definition not friendly to being placed into a cache on a far edge data center.

Yes I know this has nothing to do with Roku but it is in the same zip code since we all need CDNs and cache to edges with HLS.

Any ideas or suggestion or advice would be helpful.

Bruce Wilkinson
Satellite Applications Inc
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