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A thin layer of black screen appearing b/w two roscreen

I am taking two screen in one roScreen object(in below screen a static image is appearing whenever in top screen images appearing one by one which is stored in tmp).which is working fine. but problem is that a thin black screen is appearing b/w two images slidly and draw hard as time increase. it seems like there is stack filling with thin black lining.

i have used setalphaenable(true) in top screen to avoid full black screen(which is coming by default in back side of image).

i am not understanding what is actual problem here?
Any help would be thankful .
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: A thin layer of black screen appearing b/w two roscreen

I think you might want to post some source code, I'm not completely understanding your question, although it might be that you need to turn alphaenable on for all your images and the roScreen.

- Joel
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