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A slightly-less-simple streaming player?

I'm figuring that someone has already made something like this, so that I don't need to (completely) re-invent the wheel, here.

I'm wanting to make a channel which will be somewhere between Roksbox and the simple single-URL streaming player that comes with the SDK.

The idea is to have a channel which, when I select it, immediately goes to my web-server where I have all of my movies, and starts showing me the movie-sheets. I select the movie-sheet that I want, press "OK", and it starts playing the movie. In other words, from the top-level channel list, you go: "Ok", you see movie sheets, you try to decide what to watch... "right", "right", "left", "right", hmmm... that one.. "Ok", and then you're watching a movie.

Some bonus features would be:
- Background caching of the next movie-sheets in the list, to decrease latency when you go left/right
- It could store, on the server, through a CGI or PHP script, where you left off when you were last watching it, and then resume from there next time.

Anybody got something like that, already?
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