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4K/UHD HLS streams and 264/265 and compatibility

Hello all:

For the past several years, I've been encoding HLS streams into various SD and HD resolutions and data rates for playback on Roku.

As the content is now coming in as UHD, I'd like to start moving the content to SD, HD, and UHD for Roku.

However, the documentation I'm seeing suggests Roku can only handle resolutions above 1080p as h.265.  As (I believe) HLS manifests can only handle 1 codec type, so that means everything - even smaller sub SD raster sizes are going to be h.265.  

Won't this kill compatibility across older devices (including Roku 3!)

So, I see this being:

use h.264, only encode up to 1080p, but get compatibility across nearly all devices.


use h.265, get UHD, but older devices can't play even the smallest streams.

Is this logic sound?



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