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Level 7

44.1k vs 48k audio problem

I noticed in the docs it says the roku supports 44.1k and 48k audio. I have a bunch of files that were originally encoded at 44.1, but when they play on the roku box, the audio is sped up and there breaks in it. If I take the same source file and only change the audio to 48k, then the files play fine. Is there somewhere that I need to specify what kind of audio I am sending it in the metadata to make it work, or should it just automatically switch between the 2 sample rates? On a computer the files sound and play fine, its only on the roku that the 44.1k files sound strange.
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Level 7

Re: 44.1k vs 48k audio problem

Is this question in regards to the Roku Digital Video Player or a SoundBridge?

If the latter I suggest posting this in one of the Soundbridge boards on the forum to get information from people who are soundbridge enthusiasts:
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Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT Firmware acting as Client Bridge
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It's all in the <sup>details</sup>
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Level 9

Re: 44.1k vs 48k audio problem


If you'd like to private message me an url to the content that plays with sped up audio, I'll take a look.

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