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3 layer grid screen

I am trying to develop a three layer grid screen app. I have the GridScreen working with the RSS feeds in the normal 2 layer mode. However, I want to be able to have a middle layer which would be a standard EpsiodeScreen. Some items would link to the Springboard screen like normal but I want some items (in certain categories) to go to the EpisodeScreen and be presented as a series.

Basically, I would have the following scenario. The GridScreen would show several categories like Series, Live Streams, Shows, etc...

The series category would go...

1. Grid screen
2. Episode screen
3. Springboard screen

The live stream category would go...

1. Grid screen
3. Springboard screen

My first idea was to simply check for the "epsiodes='Yes'" field in the config.opml.

<outline title="Test" description="Test" episodes="Yes" url="http://apache.#$#$"/>

This was the check in main()

while selection <> invalid
if selection.focusedItem.epsiodes = "Yes"
selection.focusedItem = ShowEpisodeScreen(selection.items, selection.focusedItem, "", "")
selection.focusedItem = ShowSpringboardScreen(selection.items, selection.focusedItem, "", "")
selection = ShowGridScreen(selection)
end while

but it causes an error cause I can't check for a variable in the array.

My second thought was to hard code the categories in the gridscreen but I don't know how to pull mrss feeds in and hard code them at the same time.

Any ideas?
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