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Roku adhesive not sticking to anything

I recently just bought a roku. When I initially got it, I had adhered it to the bottom of my TV no problem with the sticky strip included in the box. I had unfortunately took it off, not realizing that it would not work again. No problem. I ordered a new pack of straps, expecting the process to work the same. It hasn't. The straps refuse to stick to the bottom of my TV. I even tripled checked to make sure I was adhering them correctly, and I was. I'm now wondering how I can fix the issue, especially so I can just watch TV without having to position my hand to catch the signal to the small box. At this point, it's frustrating. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku adhesive not sticking to anything

I’ve never used those adhesive strips but I’ll throw out some ideas:

There are a variety of double-sided tapes of varying thicknesses and strengths.  Stick on Velcro is another thing you mighty like.  Some of that 3M Command stuff might work for you as well.  With tapes, cleaning the surface with some isopropyl alcohol can help get good adhesion. 3M also makes some tapes like their VHB tapes that have an incredibly strong bond. 

Most Rokus can either use Wi-Fi or IR remotes.  I’m assuming you have the most basic Roku Express, since I think that’s the only one that comes with an IR remote in the box.  There’s nothing wrong with an IR remote (the vast majority of audio/video devices use them) but they do need a line-of-sight between the emitter of the of the remote and the receiver on the box.  So, if it’s dangling someplace, you can either: Get an RF remote, or maybe use a longer HDMI cable, so the Roku can be placed on a shelf somewhere.  The latter would probably be the most “conventional” solution – ie: treat the Roku box just like you would a Blu-Ray/DVD/cable box etc.  (Albeit a very small one.) 

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