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Roku accessories missing in Home+

Hi, I’m a new home+ user and I noticed that none of my roku accessories show up in home+, so I’m unable to turn them on/off or add them to scenes, etc.

They continue to show up and work as expected in apple’s home app.

Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?


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Re: Roku accessories missing in Home+

@golemsena wrote:

... Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Probably nothing. Isn't Home+ a third party app? And don't your Roku devices show in the standard Home setup by Apple? If that's the case, that indicates it's an error in Home+

Of course, recheck the Home+ documentation to ensure that any special instructions they offer are followed, but if Apple Home sees it, and the Home+ app doesn't, that points to Home+ as the problem.

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