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Roku 3900 Express does not have way to check Remote battery level

I have Roku 3900 Express.


The remote that came with it has no way to determine battery level.


In Roku I went to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remotes and it does not list my remote. Instead it asks me to set up my remote by pairing it to the Roku device. I am unable to pair the device because there is no pair button on the Roku remote.


I have two Roku devices where either remote works fine. 


My question is, how do I determine the battery level of a Roku remote.


Pairing the Roku remote with the Roku 3900 Express is not valid because there is no pairing button.

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Re: Roku 3900 Express does not have way to check Remote battery level

You can only check the battery level via the menu on voice remotes (the ones with a pairing button).  The remote you have is a simple remote that doesn't require pairing.  You point it at your Roku device and it either works or it doesn't.  You can check whether a simple remote is transmitting by pointing it at a digital camera like the one in your phone.  When you press a button on the remote you should see a flash on the camera screen.

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