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ROKU remote only working for Volume/Power

THIS IS A METHOD FOR FIXING ROKU 4K STREAM STICK. I searched and had a hard time finding a way to make my remote work because most of the accepted fixes did not work for me (unplugging device, battery change, etc) maybe this will be more searchable for the next person.

If your remote is not working to navigate through apps but the power/volume is working it is because they are two different mechanisms within the remote; a point-to-point connection that controls the TV and a WIFI connection that controls the Roku. Good news! You remote is probably NOT broken!

Download the Roku app (or get lucky when your remote works randomly) and use it to navigate to Settings>Remote and follow the instructions to re-pair your remote.

Works like a charm, seems common sense but I was being stubborn and not downloading the Roku App but now have no issues with my remote.

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