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Reel Rookie

Pairing a roku streaming device remote with a Samsung TV

For all of you who can’t pair your roku remote (for roku streaming devices) with a Samsung TV:

I had the same issue with my remote not pairing with either of our 2 (different models) Samsung TV’s. I tried all 50 codes several different times with both tv’s and still couldn’t get it to pair (to turn the tv’s on/off and to control the volume.

Go through the first one or two codes saying “yes, I still hear the music”. Then say no on the next code, even though you can still hear the music. Go through the rest of the prompts to finish set-up.  Then hit the power button on the roku remote and your Samsung TV should turn off. Try the roku remote power button and your Samsung TV should power up again. Then try the volume buttons on the Roku remote and it should control the Samsung TV volume.

This trick worked for both of my Samsung TV’s.

Roku customer service talked me through this.

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