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Fast Forwarded with Roku Express 4k+ - A bit to be desired

Am I correct in assuming that Roku remotes don't display the video frames as you fast forward or rewind using the remote?  Unlike other streaming carriers (ATT, Spectrum, etc.), which display frames as you fast forward/rewind, so you know when to stop and begin Play again.

With my Roku, when I hit fast forward, an arrow icon appears with a time stamp as it moves forward.  I usually end up over shooting and having to rewind back to try and guess the spot I want to begin playing from.  This happens regardless of whether I'm in the slow fast forward mode or the fast mode.

Quite frustrating!

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Re: Fast Forwarded with Roku Express 4k+ - A bit to be desired

It depends on the channel/app you're using (and has nothing to do with the remote).  It's up to the provider to create the thumbnails that are required for that feature.

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Re: Fast Forwarded with Roku Express 4k+ - A bit to be desired

No, that's not entirely correct.

But it might depend on the content providers, who are the ones that design the app for their service on Roku.

I'm currently using (1) Roku Express 4K+ 3941R (2021), (2) Roku Streaming Stick 3800R (2017), and (2) Roku Streaming Stick 3600R (2016) devices.

I use several of the major channels/apps, including Philo, Peacock, Paramount+, Hulu (On Demand), Disney+, and they all show the frames when I FF or RW.  I have read that the Frndly app/channel does NOT.

Which app/channel are you talking about?

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