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Reel Rookie

External Wireless Keyboard Support and I don't mean virtual

Question out to Roku representation - Over 10 years ago there was a hint dropped that there would be keyboard support, yet here we are in 2022 still without the ability to connect a wireless keyboard through USB or other methods.  We even purchased the most recent 4K ultra and still nothing. I mean not everyone loves typing in searches using the buttons on the remote.  Come on folks, you're light years behind the competition on this one.  Most providers devices at the very least allow a Bluetooth connection. Is this feature ever going to get any traction?

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Re: External Wireless Keyboard Support and I don't mean virtual


I believe Roku has decided to focus on Voice support rather than keyboard support.  With their Voice remotes, you can basically speak one letter at a time now to enter passwords as well as perform full searches.

Like you, I do prefer keyboards for searching, but not really practical or necessary for the Roku device.  It should be easy enough to implement though.  Only current method of using keyboard search (at least easily) is through the Roku remote app available in the Play/Apple Store.

There were some online 3rd party Roku apps that connected to the :8060 port so you could use your laptop, but pretty much limited to searching content. (and in certain channels/apps - not entire platform).  Has been awhile since I have used those and I remember them not even being actively supported and developed even when I was using them.  These were really just projects that eventually were abandoned.

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Re: External Wireless Keyboard Support and I don't mean virtual

@Tracker308  A keyboard is totally unnecessary with any Roku device. If typing in user names and passwords is cumbersome using Roku remote then download the official Roku Remote Control app for iOS or Android. Then you can use your phone to simply type in usernames and passwords

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Reel Rookie

Re: External Wireless Keyboard Support and I don't mean virtual

 "...I don't mean virtual" should have made it clear that I'm not looking for an app.

The question put forth is to Roku representation with regards to keyboard support.  I'm not asking for people's opinions on whether they feel that a keyboard is "totally unnecessary."  For those of us that need alternative accessibility options, a formal, physical keyboard is in fact very necessary.




Re: External Wireless Keyboard Support and I don't mean virtual

Not having keyboard support is absolutely ridiculous.  If I would have known that there is no way for keyboard support I would not have purchased a Roku TV.

Incidentally, good luck using the Roku remote for for painstaking one letter at a time word entries: the up and down arrow key are so close to the centered enter key that its difficult not to press the enter key by mistake when you're searching letters on the onscreen keyboard.

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