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Customer service and remote

Not finding the answer to the problem. Dog chewed up remote. Ordered a new one. Volume control does not work, there are no pairing options that are working and volume is blasting. So, since it’s impossible to get a body on the phone, I ordered a device from Roku. This one has no on/off button, no volume controls and no pairing function. NOTHING is working according to the support guides. Ready to throw the whole **bleep** thing and and go elsewhere.  I need tech support on the phone!!!!

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Re: Customer service and remote

That sounds like the Roku “simple remote”.  It needs no pairing since it is IR-only.  There are no TV controls on that remote – you use the TV remote to control the TV when using the simple remote.

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Re: Customer service and remote


Some additional information may help resolve your problem.

What model remote did you purchase? 

What model Roku are you trying to use it with? (There are a few old very models that don't work with a voice remote.)

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Re: Customer service and remote

It probably is the Roku Simple remote:

There are no TV controls on that remote, so you could not control the TV power, volume, or mute like you could with the Roku Voice and Roku Voice Pro remotes.

But, you should be able to pair it with your Roku device.  Did you try these instructions:

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Re: Customer service and remote

Thanks a lot for adding the video link here. I'm so much glad to know more about it. Carry on!

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