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Connecting Headphone Wireless to my Roku

Products my tv #fw32r19f 

 my headphone #mpow059 (wireless Bluetooth with transmitter ) 

Plus I have chromecast plugged on my tv to add the bluetooth and most likely to be able to use cast screen with my Android 

I also bought a 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable to connect my audio tv with the adapter of my headphone

But I can't find a way to listen my tv through my headphone can some help me with this?




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Re: Connecting Headphone Wireless to my Roku

So you own a Sanyo Roku TV correct? Roku devices or TVs do not have native Bluetooth support. If you want to use Bluetooth headphones for private listening then you will need to download the official Roku Remote Control app to your phone. Once you have done this you sync the headphones to your phone then turn on private listening on the Roku app. I do this with my AirPods

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Re: Connecting Headphone Wireless to my Roku


Generally, if you install the official Roku Remote Mobile app (located in Play/Apple Store) to your mobile device, you can then connect either wirelessly or wired (depending on your mobile device) in order to accomplish Private Listening.

1. Install Roku Remote Mobile app to mobile device.

2. Pair bluetooth headphones to your mobile device, or use wired headphones if mobile device has 3.5mm jack.

3. Launch the Roku Remote Mobile app (make sure both the mobile device and Roku are on same network. (make sure your mobile device is not using phone data plan , but is on your home network)

4. Select the Private Listening feature after you have established connection with your Roku device. (little headphone icon).

Support articles from Roku re Private Listening and headphones (

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