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Can I keep voice control pro always plugged in?

I use my headphones all day. Can I just keep the remote plugged in always? Will this damage the battery or remote?

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Re: Can I keep voice control pro always plugged in?

In general, keeping rechargeable batteries connected to the charger at all times shortens the life of the batteries.

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Re: Can I keep voice control pro always plugged in?


Re leaving remote connected to charger

There are many complaints of Voice Remote Pros that lose their ability to take a charge, but I've had this remote for well over a year and have noticed no loss of charge holding capacity or ability to charge. I don't know if I just happened to have gotten lucky and received a good one, or if my usage pattern has something to do with it.

Many (most? all?) rechargeable batteries deteriorate if repeatedly allowed to overcharge. Both my Samsung phone and Lenovo tablet even have optional features that will cut off charging before the battery reaches full charge to prevent or limit this deterioration.

I've always made a point to disconnect my Voice Remote Pro from the charger when it reaches full charge, or slightly before. I especially try to avoid letting it charge unattended overnight. The charger I use outputs 2 amps and the remote charges fairly quickly. You can check the charge level via "Settings > Remotes & devices > Remotes > Voice Remote Pro > About" on your Roku. If I don't want to exit what I am doing just to check the charge level while charging, I just unplug from the charge cord and observe the popup on the upper right corner of the screen.

Re leaving headphones plugged into remote

When you have a remote with an earphone jack, be aware that whenever something is plugged into that jack it activates the remote's internal earphone amplifier, which uses energy from the batteries and can significantly reduce battery life, whether or not the Roku is streaming anything.  Best practice is to unplug your earphones when they are not actively being used.   

As an alternate means of remote listening, you can install the Roku app (not TheRokuChannel app) on a iOS or Android phone or tablet. In addition to being able to providing remote control for your Roku, it also includes a remote listening function.  You can listen via your phone/tablet's built in speaker or via earphones or speaker connected to the device, without adding extra drain to your Roku remote battery. 


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