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Reel Rookie

4802X Ultra- pointless messages popping up a lot

I recently upgraded to  a 4802X and it has a habit of displaying totally unnecessary messages from the remote. The 2 messages are "battery 100%" (shows the green bars as full) and "hands-free voice is off" (I know its off, I turned it off).  The messages show up randomly, sometimes frequently and sometimes not so frequent. It's quite annoying. The remote works fine. Is there a solution to this?

Channel Surfer

Re: 4802X Ultra- pointless messages popping up a lot

I also get the "hands-free voice is off" message all the time, and like you, I know it's off because I turned it off.  I have no intention of turning it on no matter how many times this message blocks a big chunk of the screen, and there's no excuse to force this message on us constantly.

We should be able to disable this message.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: 4802X Ultra- pointless messages popping up a lot

I have no interest in "hands free voice".  Heck, I seldom even use the push-to-talk voice, so why would I want to drain the battery with an always-on function I don't use?

I too would like to see some way of disabling this notice.

As for battery level, there can be a valid reason for notifying you when the charge reaches 100%.  Keeping the charge connection going after that can cause most rechargeable batteries to deteriorate.  In fact I suspect this is the root cause of the many complaints we see lodged here about remotes that will no longer take a charge -- if it's left on the charger all the time the batteries are likely getting fried.  But unless the remote is connected to the charger at the moment, there is no need for the popup.

There are already menu options for checking the remote's battery level, Or do as I do, when charging, a quick disconnect of the cable will pop up the battery level -- if I'm at 90% or higher I don't plug it back in.

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Binge Watcher

Re: 4802X Ultra- pointless messages popping up a lot

I get the same pointless message on my Ultra.  In my case it says I've got 0-3% remaining,  Nevertheless, it's extremely annoying to keep popping up.  I believe there was an update of some kink recently and I wonder if it is somehow tied to that.  I've searched and can't find any way to turn it off.  Help!!

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