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Re: Roku Stick losing connection with remote daily, requiring hard reboot

So, the brand new replacement Streaming Stick/Remote has gone the entire weekend with no issues. No disconnects or failures on the point-anywhere remote with IR volume/power/voice control, which SEEMS more robust and reliable than the small, skinny point anywhere remote.

While they looked physically identical the old Streaming Stick was an Amazon refurb model 3600RW with a small point anywhere remote.

This brand new streaming stick is an 3800X, which is the same model I've had in my bedroom since December 2017 (the month that Google removed YouTube from Fire devices, forcing me to move over to the Roku brand, which, as it turns out I've vastly preferred) and I've not had ANY issues with connectivity on the one I've owned since 2017 at all.

So, I'm thinking that there was something wrong with the hardware or software on the 3600RW model and remote that wasn't ever going to be reliable after its first major bunch of connectivity issues cropped up.

Seems like smooth sailing with the 3800X replacement.

Anybody have a similar experience with a 3800X and voice remote being better/more reliable? (Since it's this year's model I'd assume that's the case, but you never know, sometimes revisions aren't as good.)
Roku Stick 3600RW
Current software 8.1.0 build 4145-24
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Re: Roku Stick losing connection with remote daily, requiring hard reboot

Thanks for this response. I to have purchased a brand new roku thinking the other one just quit. I have had the same experience with both roku sticks and my newest 1 is only a week old. Extremely frustrating. I'm not real good at Wi-Fi and such so I'm hoping I can figure out how to reconnect the roku to the 2.4 GHz.
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