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Level 7

Problem raising and lowering volume

A few days ago I started having trouble raising and lowering the volume on my tv. Now when I press the volume button, I have to press it one at a time (example, to go from 20 to 16, I press it, wait a couple of seconds for it to show 19, then I have to press it again, wait a few seconds for it to show 18, etc). Prior to this, I was able to move very quickly to either raise or lower the volume. I unplugged the Roku but that didn’t help. I went in settings and looked at the batteries in the remote and it says they’re at 57%. Any suggestions?

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Level 21

Re: Problem raising and lowering volume

Check for other remotes in the room, in a cushion, under a book, could be IR interference? It usually affects repeating commands like volume, single blast commands get through unaffected.

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Level 19

Re: Problem raising and lowering volume

@Gama Thanks for the note here. 

Try going into Settings>System>Power>System restart, and restart your TV. We'd also recommend rebooting your wireless router by unplugging it form power for a minute or two. See if this helps clear up the issue. 




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